Can't access the ANSYS FLUENT 12.0 tutorial web site - renew the certificate please

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Hello dear ANSYS team.

I've been using web-posted ANSYS FLUENT 12.0 tutorial at But since recently, the link has ceased working saying that ANSYS being a maintainer of the web site needs to renew the certificate. I've attached the screenshot to this post.

I was wondering if you could update the certificate please (and update your tutorial finally, because FLUENT 2019R3 has already been released).

Thank you in advance.



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    That's not us, and I'd advise getting the tutorials from the Ansys Help system. We already have the 2020Rx course on the Learning Hub and I'm about to be doing some work with colleagues to update the multiphase course to 2020R2 and potentially 2021R1. 

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     Thank you.

    But I'm not sure how to use "ANSYS help system" and how to find the tutorials you're talking about. I tried to find ANSYS manual guide in the Internet - that 12.0 manual guide (along with the tutorial guide) is the only thing I could find (there's also 14.0 though but less convenient).

    The only way I've managed to access the modern ANSYS manual guide is by pressing the "?" sign when I'm running ANSYS. But it's way too inconvenient. Also, I noticed that all ANSYS help stuff is scattered: manual guide is in one place, tutorial guide is in the other, UDF guide is in the third place and so on - it even took me a while to understand that you have several guides, that they are different and that they are in different places.

    So, I'm wondering if there's a one single place (web site or may be you've downloadable PDF) where all your guides are stored. And if I can access this place directly from my browser - not from ANSYS FLUENT itself?

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    The manuals are broken out to sections to keep things easier to handle, but are linked so you can follow models through the various books. The commercial clients can log onto the help system directly, and also download the manuals if required (I do as I'm often off network): the free Student version is on line only via the ? (Help) system.

    If you're using Fluent the "Help" button on each panel is invaluable, and will take you to the panel manual page. That then links onto the models and relevant theory sections.  


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