Modelling orthotropic plasticity material behaviour in Ansys Workbench

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Right now, I am part in a project for experimenting and modelling shear-, bearing- and tension tests for bolts and sheets. We are working with stainless steel.
Usually we are modelling the geometry with separate software tools, import them in Ansys workbench (18.1/19.1) and set the boundary conditions, apply loading conditions etc.
Right now, I got the problem not being able to setup the material behaviour for anisotropic plasticity.
Preferably, I would like to model orthotropic behaviour for all 3 dimensions separately, which would allow to simulate the differences in properties of the sheet-material it obtains in the fabrication process due to the direction of rolling.
An alternative, simpler option could be to apply one parameter in length direction and one in a 90° angle and use an average material behaviour.
Problem: anisotropic behaviour for elastic conditions was selectable; however, I found no option for anisotropic plasticity in Ansys workbench. Was there something I have overlooked or is it possible, to modify the material properties with an APDL code inside of Ansys workbench? Using the drag & drop system, there was no connection possible between “mechanical APDL” and “engineering data”.
Thank you for your time and effort.

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