How to ensure to total connection in a Honeycomb sandwich panel ?

Dear Sir/Madam

My question is, how can I make sure that thew core is correctly connected to the face sheets? For 22 bodies I get 14711 Nodes and 16388 Elements but when I opt to use contacts I cant really figure it out.

Additionally I want to add a layer of Epoxy resin between the core and the faces. Should I just design an extremely thin sheet body and just appoint through material selection the Epoxy resin ? Or in the analysis settings should I just choose the surface coating method ?

I know that because of the high modulus of elasticity I can avoid it but I will be doing a thermal stress analysis with a thermal cycle of -+ 120 degrees C so I want to check how it will operate and affect my model.

And this is the connections:

Please let me know if anyone knows what I should look for exactly.




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