What is tensile strength of a material? How is it calculated?

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What is tensile strength of a material? How is it calculated?


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    Tensile strength, also known as ultimate strength, is the capacity of a material to resist tensile loads without fracture. Experiments are performed to determine tensile strength of a material.
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    So how is tensile strength related to yielding of a material? Does a material start yielding when the stress in it increases beyond tensile strength?
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    Yielding or plastic deformation begins when stress in a material exceeds its "yield stress" which is different from tensile strength. The yield stress is smaller than the tensile strength (though it may be close for brittle materials which do not undergo significant plastic deformation before fracture). When stress in material exceeds yield stress, it deforms plastically but it won't fracture yet. When the stress increases further and exceeds the tensile strength, then fracture will occur i.e. a crack might propagate and the material will break into two or more parts.
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