How do you define specific gravity? What is its significance???

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How do you define specific gravity? What is its significance?

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    Hello @prajput

    Specific Gravity (SG) is a dimensionless representation of density of a substance, and is a good indicator of whether an object will float or sink in water. It is defined as ratio of the density of a substance to the maximum density of water. It so happens that this maximum density of water is equal to 1000 kg /m^3 at 4 degC. 

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    The primary reason for using specific gravity is to ensure a consistent measure between the various systems of units (SI, US etc.). Materials with SG close to 1 are neutrally buoyant in water. Those with SG > 1 have a tendency to sink in water. Substances with SG < 1 are less dense than water and have a tendency to float in it.
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