Explain Bernoulli's principle

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I don't fully understand the Bernoulli's principle. Could someone please help me understand this?

Thank you.


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    Hi @prajput ,

    As a fluid flows through a horizontal pipe with varying cross section, the velocity of the fluid is largest at the smallest area of pipe cross-section. This automatically leads to a reduction in the corresponding pressure at that point. This is what Bernoulli's theorem is about. It say that the decrease in the fluid pressure of a horizontally flowing fluid is because of a corresponding increase in the fluid velocity and vice versa. This result primarily stems from the principle of conservation of energy.

    Again, there are many cases when this principle is applicable. The fluid flow has to be incompressible and smooth. This priniciple is responsible for generating the lift force on an airfoil. If you haven't watched this video on "How airplanes fly", I'd strongly recommend this. Here is the link.


    I hope this helps.

    Thank you.

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