Hi there, I understand that a transformer transfers power from one circuit to another circuit without change in frequency. I am wondering how a transformer behave if its primary is fed with DC voltage


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    If the DC voltage is equal or higher than the rated voltage, the transformer may burnout or it will damage the supply. The reason for this is that DC supply frequency is zero. This implies the inductive reactance (XL = 2*Pi*f) of the winding is zero. Thus, the impedance of winding is only the resistance and is much smaller compared to the impedance seen by the AC source.Hence high current flowing in the primary winding heats up the winding and may lead to burnout of the transformer.

  • rtkrtk Pune, IndiaForum Coordinator
    Hi, You can always go to Ansys Maxwell and verify these effects without burning the transformer 😀
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    Thanks for clarifying
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