Cogging torque and torque ripple

VivekKambleVivekKamble Pune, India Forum Coordinator Posts: 0
Is cogging torque and torque ripple same in a PMSM?


  • cblaircblair Posts: 93Forum Coordinator
     No,  Torque ripple arises due to imperfect commutation of the phase currents, Ripple introduced in the current waveform due to chopping and due to reluctance variation, due to slotting, in the magnetic circuit as the rotor rotates which is called cogging. So, Cogging is a part of torque ripple and torque ripple is a combined effect of many factors.  
  • nchodenchode Posts: 331Forum Coordinator
    You can feel the cogging torque when you rotate the motor shaft with your hand. Whereas the effects of imperfect commutation and current ripple cannot be detected in this way.
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