Thermal Network Modeling

Kalyan GoparajuKalyan Goparaju Member Posts: 21


How can I create a thermal network model in TB? Can I run a transient thermal for this thermal network model?

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  • KremellaKremella Posts: 2,554Admin

    Yes you can create a thermal network model in TB and run a transient analysis. TB has built in components to model thermal resistances and capacitance's. These can be connected together in series or parallel just like you would build an electrical circuit. You can apply temperature and/or heat flux boundary conditions to your thermal network model and get the temperature at various points in your thermal network model.

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  • desouzadacostadesouzadacosta Posts: 150Member

    Hi Kremella

    Wondering if you have some references for some simple thermal circuits. The TB examples are quite advanced.

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