Importing x,y,z coordinates of points into CFD-Post?

I have done some modifications to particle data, and have extracted from this a list of x,y,z coordinates that I want to import into CFD-post as points, to plot alongside my model. Is there any way to import this data? I dont want to have to input them manually as points because there are a few hundred.......



  • kkanadekkanade Forum Coordinator
    edited April 2019

    not sure about particle data. cfd-post expert can comment here. 

    from which solver you are exporting particle data?

    once you export particle data from solver, please check the format. you may try using similar format and import it in cfd-post. 

  • HMHassanHMHassan PakistanMember

    You can go to File>Import>Import Surface, Line or Point Data... in ANSYS CFD-Post

    Select Import As: Point Cloud and select required .csv file.

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