What I like about the ANSYS Learning Forum

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Looking at images is much better, just click and it opens in a new tab, and then click on that to get a full res image. That is so much better than the Ansys Student Community (ASC).

Putting images into a Post is much better than the ASC, where you had to save to a file first. Now you can just Paste from the clipboard.

Adding an attachment is better because the paperclip button is right there while you are writing the post.

I like that posts become permanent after 1 hour. On the ASC, some members would create a New Discussion and I might spend a lot of time and effort crafting a very helpful answer that many other members would benefit from reading long into the future. I would answer similar questions by linking to that original discussion. Then at some point, the member who opened that original discussion with the great answer would decide to delete the discussion. That deleted my answer and all the links that pointed to it were broken. That is not going to happen in this Ansys Learning Forum.


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    Writing a post is easier because more of the screen shows the discussion above the post.

    Editing a post is easier because you can still see the discussion above the post. In the ASC, that was not visible.

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    Thank you for the feedback. Glad you are liking some of the new features of this forum. Please let the good and the bad coming so that we can continue to refine it.

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