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I have a structure like the following picture with more than 500 layers, each layer has initial stresses. Since I don't know how I can make layered solid in a better way, I have to deal with too many elements, which makes some issues including proper meshing. Do you know a better way that I can replace these layered part with a better setting and at the same time I can apply initial stress fields on each layer?

What would be your suggestion? As far as I know, the ACP pre/post is working with shell elements but in my case we have a solid made of many layers.



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    Please describe the state of initial stress in each layer.

    Please describe the physical process that caused that initial stress.

    Please describe the process that created the layered structure.

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    Thanks for the response @peteroznewman .

    Stress state in each layer is different. The layered structure is made of 2 different materials (alternating stack deposition). The process that's making this type of structure is chemical vapor deposition (CVD). The process starts with a substrate. Using chemical vapor deposition (CVD), alternating stack deposition involves a process of depositing and stacking thin films layer by layer on a substrate. This process is much like making a layer cake. In simple terms, a layer of material is deposited on the substrate. Then, another layer of material is deposited on top of that. The process is repeated several times until a given device has the desired number of layers.

    During the deposition process of these layers and aftermath an intrinsic stress is generated. In subsequent process steps, after removal of some of those layers, the (stressed) deposited layer, is left free-standing. As a consequence the process induced stress can relax and deform the deposited layer in an undesirable way.

    One material has compressive stress (140 MPa) and another one has tensile stress (120 MPa) as the intrinsic stresses. I know that maybe for the current step, these intrinsic stresses don't deform the structure significantly, so maybe we can consider them negligible but I really like to know whethere there is a method that I can use to deal with this part in a better way than what I did before.

    Do you think that I need to consider a homogenization method for replacing this layered part? Is there a way that I can do this in ansys to avoid any mistakes?


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    No suggestion for this challenge?

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