How to create smooth transitions between surfaces when the round tool fails

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I wish to create a smooth transition between these 2 surfaces, the pull tool's round feature fails often for this type of complicated geometry.

I also tried merge faces in the repair tab but when it does work the surface comes out highly corrupted and can't be meshed properly

Thank you!



  • peteroznewmanpeteroznewman Member Posts: 11,075
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    Try the Blend Tool, keyboard B.

    First project a line onto each surface, and use those new edges with the Blend Tool.

    If you put the .scdoc file inside a .zip file, you can attach it to your reply if you need more help.

  • kimokimo Member Posts: 11

    Hi Peter

    Thank you very much for your comment

    I'm not sure if I interpreted your instructions correctly, but it did inspire me to use the blend tool to smooth out the edge in a non perfect way

    I split the corner surfaces and blended them together as below.

    While this definitely helps I'm wondering if I can further smooth out the curved edge and triple interections as well.

    I attached the zip in case I'm not understanding

    Thank you!

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