Is there a way to use FEA to determine how many magnets I need to hold something up?

I built a metal box frame out of steel angle iron in solidworks. I am building "picture frame" screen panels out of a hard wood that will set on the metal frame's face using magnets glued to the wood (there will be four panels for each of the four sides of the box, bottom adn top of the box are open at the moment). The panels are intended to be removable and held on to the metal solely by industrial magnets. Is there a way to use ANSYS to do an FEA simulation on the strength of the magnets and their ability to hold up the wood frame? I need this analysis for my projects final report, and I am hoping it will help me figure out how many magnets to put on each panel. I took an FEA class a couple years ago but we never touched on magnets.


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