How to decide an appropriate radius for joint beam behavior?

Hello there. Can anyone suggest me on how can we decide an appropriate and proper radius for the beam behavior for any joint or beam connection? What are the parameters that should be taken into account? How to select a proper material for the beam behavior?

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    Hi @Rameez_ul_Haq ,

    Please see if the following link is useful:


    Ashish Khemka

  • Thank you for navigating me to this post. It was helpful, but not alot.

    In the post that you have attached, there is no guidance on how to appropriately select the radius of the beam behavior, rather it be under a joint or a beam connection. I want to actual model the scoped faces connection to the remote point using a beam behavior, but I don't have enough knowledge to select an appropriate radius of it.

    Or is it just that we have to use our engineering judgement and go on with the flow, since FEA is all about approximations 🤣

  • Can anyone help me with this one please?

  • A Beam Connection can be used to represent a bolted connection.

    A bolt has a radius, use that for the radius.

    A bolt has a material, use that for the material.

    Don't use beams when defining Joints.

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    I want to apply some extra rigidity to the scoped faces (in a joint), neither zero nor infinity, so therefore I want to make use of the beam behavior settings. But I am confused how should I select the best and the most appropriate radius for this purpose? If we cannot make use of the beam behavior for either a joint or a beam connection, then why is it there, Sir?

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