Implementing Radiation Model in Axisymmetric domain.

I am trying to model an radiation beam in an axisymmetric domain. The flow is laminar, and energy equation and DO-Radiation is switched on. The domain is rectangular in shape with the bottom wall as the axis of symmetry, and top wall as adiabatic. A small section at the inlet(not a part of it) adjacent to the axisymmetric wall is specified as irradiated wall. The absorption coefficient of the fluid is set to zero, however, I am unable to acheive a collimated beam, as the radiation intensity decreases with increasing axial distance without any attenuation specified by me. Any suggestions on the same?


  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator

    Increase the angular/pixel discretisation in DO panel, in 2d 4x4 or 5x5 should be OK (much higher and the matrix maths gets very expensive) and see how it goes. Also check if you're adding specular or diffuse from the boundary.

  • I've tried increasing it to 15 times but it didn't help. I've specified the diffuse fraction to 0 in order to get a specular radiation from the irradiated wall.

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