How to model fiber reinforced concrete (polymer fiber) for LS-DYNA/Explicit Dynamics?

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Hello, I am trying to create polymer fiber reinforced concrete for impact analysis. As the explicit dynamics does not support APDL command, I can only use the features of Workbench. Would it be possible to share a tutorial or method on creating fiber reinforced concrete for dynamic analysis?

Also, if I want to create confined concrete (concrete wrapped with plastic), how can I do that in Workbench? Thanks!


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    Hi @Arafat_Liverpool ,

    I have moved this discussion to Explicit Dynamics Section.


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  • Understood. I am waiting for an answer.

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    You may use reinforcement body interaction to model polymer fiber reinforced concrete.

    This body interaction type is used to apply discrete reinforcement to solid bodies. All line bodies scoped to the object will be flagged as potential discrete reinforcing bodies in the solver. On initialization of the solver, all elements of the line bodies scoped to the object which are contained within any solid body in the model will be converted to discrete reinforcement. Elements which lie outside all volume bodies will remain as standard line body elements.

    The reinforcing beam nodes will be constrained to stay at the same initial parametric location within the volume element where they reside during element deformation. Typical applications involve reinforced concrete or reinforced rubber structures like tires and hoses.

    If the volume element to which a reinforcing node is tied is eroded, the beam node bonding constraint is removed and becomes a free beam node.

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