Joule Heating in ANSYS Workbench, Maxwell, Q3D etc?

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I have a semiconductor device with two copper terminal ( A on right and B on left). Each copper terminal is attached to another body made of other metal . These respective extended body parts are attached through a dielectric film. The current passes through one copper terminal A and ground is Terminal B. I need to calculate joule heating of the two extended metal body parts that are connected to di-electric.

Which ANSYS software should i Use to calculate Joule Heating ?


  • Apurv22Apurv22 Member Posts: 2

    I calculated Current density through Maxwell at those two Metal extensions, But need Joule heating for further results

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    Hi, @Apurv22 ,

    You can right click Field in the project manager window, choose field calculator. Then select ohmic loss from the named expression chart, choose copy to stack. Choose the copper terminals from input->geometry. Then click integrate-->evaluate. You will get the loss in power. Power times the time is the Joule heating.

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