Finite Element Analysis of an ASTM A36 Plate


I am analyzing a 6mm thickness 1894mm diameter spade for fitness for blind-off service. The material of the spade is ASTM A36 and the load is air pressure @ 1.37bara. The inside diameter of the enclosing circular duct is 1830mm, while the faces "D" of the spade below will be fastened in the flanges of the duct. I created a 30degrees model of the spade and applied displacement (Symmetry) boundary conditions to the cut faces and fixed support to the fastening faces, as shown.

Figure 1: Boundary conditions

Figure 2: Equivalent Stress

I have applied my pressure load on the free face of the plate as well as the fastened face, please is this set up correct?

The maximum stress is concentrated at a point of one of the cut faces (as shown on above figure 2) and was the case through the mesh refinement. Please what could I be doing wrong as I expect that the stress concentration will be uniform across a radius close to the constrained face and not localized at a point?

I need help from anyone who can be of help.

Many thanks for your anticipated support.




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