high Icing extension with intermittency model

Hello everybody

I have a problem when I use the high roughness (icing) model instead of standard one. I am simulating 2D flow on rough flat plate the roughness are given as an equivalent sand grain roughness profile.

the problem that I am getting this massage

wall_transition_coeffs: Unknown bc type

Internal error at line 3000 in file 'turbulence\sg_ke.c' on Node 6

and the solution goes very slow. when i use the standard roughness model i have no problem or when I disable the intermittency equation.

will be great if someone helped me with this issue.



  • kkourbatkkourbat Forum Coordinator


    According to Sec. "Additional Roughness Models for Icing Simulations" of Fluent 2020 User Guide, the high roughness model is compatible only with Spalart-Allmara and SST k-w. it is not compatible with transitions models

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