'3dtds' error

Hey, I am receiving a '3dtds' error while running simulation on a 3D SRM model in ANSYS Maxwell. Do you know how to fix the problem, i tried all the things mentioned in the previous posts

but it is still not working. When i am not using the external circuit in my simulations, it works fine without any errors but when i import an external circuit for the same model, this error shows up. I have around 16Gb RAM on my computer and i'm no sure if it is because of space or something else. Please help!!


  • icellb1icellb1 Forum Coordinator

    Hi, @Ghost6297 ,

    16 GB RAM may still not be enough when you are simulating complex models. You can check the memory occupation of your computer in task manager when you are running the simulation. Usually for this kind of error you have to reduce complexity of your model, like geometry or mesh, external circuit is also a type of complexity.

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