Obtain node displacement for each mode in modal analysis APDL commands

Hi all!

I'm trying to automatize a modal analysis, so I want to write displacements in some selected nodes in a .txt file, so I wrote this code:

*cfopen, node_displacement1,txt     !Create a txt file

*do,i,1,51,1      ! Loop over each node

  nsel,s,node,,i,i        ! Select the corresponding node

  *get,uy, node, i,U,Y      ! Get the y-displacement of node i

  *get,uz, node, i,U,Z      ! Get the z-displacement of node i

  *vwrite, i,uy,uz        ! Write out these values

  (4F16.5)            ! Define the format



But I have a problem.

This code works well in a static structural analysis, but it doesn't work in a modal analysis.

So this is my question, how could I obtain the same results for each mode in the modal analysis?

Thanks for all.


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