How do I intelligently cap complex splined surfaces?


I have the following crescent shaped geometry, in stress analysis the sharp edges seem to give me stress singularities and accordingly I wish to smooth out the edges or add a round cap to both sides of the prismatic structure.

Here's what I tried till now:

-1) adding an ellipse and a point in front of the surfaces and blending such that the surface smoothly converges into a point. This works only when my surface is more elliptical and completely fails (produces unmeshable self intersecting surfaces) when the surface shape is more crescent like.

-2) creating an offset curve and moving it abit forward to blend into, this creates a sort of round as seen in the setup below. The main problem is that the polynomial surface creation here is extremely unstable, either it doesn't give me a preview, or if it created a polynomial blend then it very often doesn't combine with the other prismatic part, or if it does combine the surface becomes corrupted! Using linear blends is much more stable but it creates a chamfer like situation and not a round and I'm not sure if that will fix it.

I have an added constraint that I can't extend the structure too far from the original prismatic face

If anyone can help or advise on how to add a nice smooth round to the caps I would be extremely grateful! I've been banging my head all week on this problem. I added the file in the zip in case anyone wants to take a look themselves



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