Meshing error where multiple members of a beam frame meet

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Hello everyone,

I am performing a static stress model on a chassis and I have encountered an error where the solver reports I have unconstrained nodes. I am certain I have the correct constraints.

My process for preparing the frame went like this:

  1. Import Parasolid from Solidworks
  2. Extra beams in SpaceClaim
  3. Fix gaps <= 25mm
  4. Manually trim some erroneous edges
  5. Imprinted areas where possible

I then imported my beam frame into ANSYS Mechanical with a static structural model. Then I meshed the frame and applied some boundary conditions. To simulate a simple front impact, I selected nodes at the back of chassis to be "simply supported." I persistently get solver errors due to different nodes having degrees of freedom. I have also changed where the constraints are just to make sure I did not make an incorrect assumption; the zero pivots persist regardless.

I checked the 0Hz frequency in Modal and found an element floating in and out of a joint. Very strange!

The geometry where the frame members meet looks messy. I am a novice so I do not know the correct way to "clean up" this geometry. I think these joints are the ones causing unconstrained errors.

I sincerely appreciate any help, I've been stumped for many many hours on figuring this out!

Thanks so much!

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