Workbench becoming unresponsive during solution in CFX

ns778ns778 Member Posts: 4

I have pressed "Stop" in the solution window at least 3 times now (and confirmed Yes) but the simulation keeps running after giving me the "Interrupt Request Sent to Workbench" message. Inside workbench, the progress bar for the solution update is gone but the cursor is the blue circle so the solution is still going. I cannot right-click on the project schematic and force an interrupt on the Solution cell. I cannot click anywhere in workbench- the cursor stays on.

This is using Remote Desktop on a problem with 750k elements that is transient with rigid-body FSI and took 12 hours to get halfway done. I have sometimes noticed this problem but usually I fix it by interrupting from Workbench in the Solution cell in the schematic- but now I cannot interact with it. I would appreciate any help.


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