Parameterizing the net Joule heat calculated by a thermal-electric conduction analysis system

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Let's say you want to gain confidence in the validity of calculated steady state thermal-electric results by doing an energy balance (checking to see if the net Joule heat produced within a body equals the net heat leaving it) and you would like to parameterize the net Joule heat for use in the parameter manager.

You can add a Joule Heat probe to provide a sum the product of rho*J^2 (ohm-A^2/m^3) and elemental volume (m^3):

However, you might find that the GUI will not allow you to parameterize MaxJouleHeat (the box to the left of the MaxJouleHeat label above is greyed out).

You can perform a Joule heat summation manually with a command object. As seen in the image below, you can use the SMULT command to multiply element table items jht_vol (Joule heat per unit volume) and elemental volume. You can then sum element table results with the SSUM command, and use the *GET command to obtain the result of the summation. If the name of the parameter specified in the *GET command begins with "my_", it will, by default, appear in the Results section of Details. Click on the box to the left of the parameter in Details to parameterize it.



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