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I am currently trying to simulate laminated core for an inductor in Ansys Maxwell, for which I have been advised to consider different permeablities for the core instead of building the core layer by layer as realized in practical case. Could you suggest some steps which I would have to follow for making the core with different permeablities ?.


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    It is not practical (usually impossible) to model individual lamination sheets layer by layer in a core having 100's or 1000's of laminations.  Furthermore, since the main direction of flux is usually parallel to the stacking direction and does not pass normal the sheet, the effect of space/varnish between laminations is secondary. 

    Nevertheless, there are several ways to simulate laminated cores in Maxwell:

    First, setup the core material using the appropriate nonlinear BH curve.  Then use one of the following approaches:

    1) For 2D or 3D, model the core as one homogeneous object and set the material to have composition: lamination and stacking factor = 0.95 (or similar).  The BH curve is modified by Maxwell.  Reference Maxwell online help topic: Lamination Modeling

    2) For 3D only, model the core using several objects (say 5-10 total) having air spaces in the stacking direction (to represent a grouped number of laminations)

    3) For 2D XY only, set the model depth equal to the as build stack height of the core * stacking factor

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     Thank you for your answer mchristi. I would try one of the approaches mentioned.

  • Quite a helpful information. Will be looking forward to more such kind of discussion.


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