How to great a 'blob' inlet.

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I am trying to model jet breakup using DPM.

I want to inject a single 'blob' of liquid that breaks up into droplets. How do I set my particle injection size as the size of the nozzle diameter and then see it break up?

I understand that cloud tracking needs to be turned on for this, however the option to turn on cloud tracking is not active.

I am also unsure of the difference between DPM and DDPM.

Thanks in advanced


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    I am not sure why you want to use the DDPM apporach. Stick to simple DPM and look in the manual after the Madabushi Breakup model.

  • shal3391shal3391 Posts: 23Member

    Ok Thankyou, I have switched off DPM and am just using a discrete phase with an injection. The tutorial involves just injecting single particles into a flow, but I wish to inject a single 'blob' of fluid that then breaks up. I cannot find anything in the ANSYS/FLUENT guide that alludes to this except the cloud tracking method where I will set the initial cloud diameter equal to the nozzle diameter. However the option to tick cloud tracking is still 'ghosted', as seen above.

  • shal3391shal3391 Posts: 23Member

    Another option that I think might work is using a 'droplet' particle type as the injection, but this option is also ghosted out.

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