Image-hold option in EDT report plots?

It is possible to copypaste a report plot, as a data per every line, so you could keep the old simulation result for comparison.

But it is difficult as hell when there are many lines at the plot. Every time the pasted data has the same line and color as the computed data, and you can not tell which one is just an image on hold easily.

It would be great to see a "button", like data-hold options of VNAs or oscilloscopes, which makes the whole-screen snapshot, and puts is as a shadowed, or dashed image at the background, until disabled with the same button.

... in case if Ansys cares.


  • rtkrtk Pune, IndiaForum Coordinator


    From your explanation it seems like you need to get different traces of data on same graph/plot, with different colors or forms in order to compare. If that is the case, in HFSS, just double click (LMC) on the trace you need to change and go to its properties. You have a bunch of edit options in that.

    Hope this will help.


  • AndyJPAndyJP Member
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    Do you know what optimization is? It is a sequential tuning of parameters in parametric model, until desired performance is reached, or cutting/soldering patches at the experimental model.

    On oscilloscopes, and VNA's there are buttons for saving the previous response for comparing with the currently tuned. Push that button again, and the old image on hold is cleared. Push it again, and the current is saved. Sometimes it is made with A/B screens... but it is always easy to hold/clear with just a button push.

    In HFSS there is no such. But the process of design is often the same. SO, it is not very convenient.

  • rtkrtk Pune, IndiaForum Coordinator

    Hello- Like an Oscilloscope or VNA, there is no push button for saving/deleting the plot responses. But if you are interested in maintaining some responses only, you can go for a Copy data option which is available in every plot. If you don't want to save particular plots, no need of copy/paste.

    About the color of the plots, it maintains the color of the copied plot and you can change the color from the properties..

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  • AndyJPAndyJP Member
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    I know what is data copy, and it its implementation is really BAD. It is counterproductive and not intuitive.

    Concerning the feature I am offering - its productivity was already proven in professional equipment many decades ago.

    Please, refer the initial post - I have already explained that.

    Honestly speaking, there is an obvious reason why mobile phones industry, US NAVY and Air Force adopted the same push-button interface developed by HP many decades ago - it is extremely productive and intuitive.

  • rtkrtk Pune, IndiaForum Coordinator
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    Hello @AndyJP,

    Thank You for providing us the feedback! Your suggestions are valuable and we'll take this up internally to our development team.

    Meanwhile, please try using the 'Accumulate' option from the plot. This can hold the previous results and superimpose the new ones.

    Somewhat similar to what Network Analyzer can do.

    Hope this helps!


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