apply a generell stiffness matrix in Ansys

Fred2233Fred2233 Member Posts: 2

Hello everyone,

I am tryind to modell a corrugated shell (steel) as an orthotropic shell with same thickness. I have found the eqiuvalent Youngs Module Ex Ey Ez etc to achieve an equivalent flexural stiffness and Ex',Ey',Ez to achieve an equivalent extensional stiffness for the orthotropic shell. But in Ansys I can only put one Ex and one Ey etc to modell the orthotropic elasticity.That means that I cannot model the shell with the same flexural and extensional stiffness as the corrugated shell at the same time. To achieve this I was thinking that a way would be to apply the stiffness matrix by yourself. I found in Internet that for Abaqus is possible. Can I do this in Ansys, because I am working with Ansys right now? Any help would be appreciated :)


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