How can i stop Fluent from writing to a transcript file?

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I am running a simulation in FLUENT 2020 R2 on Windows 10. I used 'File->Write->Start transcript' to write the console output to a txt-file. Then I copied the folder containing the case-file to start another simulation, however i didn't tell Fluent to stop the transcript before. Now, whenever i start the simulation in the copied folder, Fluent writes a transcript file (as i have long simulations the file gets very big, up to 5 GB). I am not able to tell Fluent to stop writing the transcript file. When I try to stop the transcript, Fluent tells me that there is no active transcript-file. When i start a new transcript, Fluent writes the output to both files. When i stop the new transcript, Fluent continues to write to the 'old' file.

Is there any way to solve this problem? I already did many modifications to the copied case-file so I would not like to go back to the old case or to set up a new case from scratch.

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