Master/Slave boundaries with excitation

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Hello all,

This is my first question here, I hope I can make it more often. Well, let's get to business: I have a motor with 40 poles and the master/slave type of boundary suits me great. But this motor is kind of different since the stator windings are going through the master boundary and leaving thought the slave one, forming a huge armature coil when seen in the entire structure. The picture below shows the schematic for the geometric symmetry, being the orange lines the coil and the black ones the rest of the stator. The master/slave boundary is on each lateral face of the structure. Two questions:

1- Is there any way I can simulate it like this ?

2- If I shouldn't be using this kind of boundary, is there any other periodic one I can use ?

Thanks in advance.

*I'm using Ansys Maxwell.


Ricardo s.


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    Is it an axial flux motor ? Can you provide the full geometry picture of your motor.

    It will help me understand what is the difference between this motor and conventional motor.

    Applying a master slave boundary depends on number of stator slots and pole combination on rotor.



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