HFSS Error: "Process hf3d exited with code 259"

I am getting the following error whenever I run my file. I have a floquet simulation setup with Master/Slave boundary conditions.


[error] Solving frequencies ... (Nondomain solver), process hf3d exited with code 259. (1:11:47 PM Oct 01, 2020)

[info] An interpolating frequency sweep with 421 points has been started using HFSS - Solving Distributed. (1:12:08 PM Oct 01, 2020)

[error] Simulation completed with execution error on server: Local Machine. (1:12:09 PM Oct 01, 2020)


Can anyone please help me if they know about this issue.




  • VivekKVivekK Pune, IndiaForum Coordinator

    Hi, Could you please share snapshot of your model geometry as well as your system configuration.

    Generally this type of error occurs due to high memory usage, Check your memory usage. As you mentioned Floquet port, this may take more memory. Close application and restart.


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