Ansys Maxwell Transformer Transient Simulation Error

mitche61mitche61 Member
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I'm modeling the transformer shown below, with an applied voltage of 600*cos(2*pi*100000*time). I have assigned the primary winding resistance to 1mOhm and the secondary winding resistance to 200Ohms, and would except the secondary induced voltage to be 600*(10/3) = 180V with no phase shift. When I run a transient simulation, however, this is not the case, and my results are are shown below. I am using ferrite for the core, copper for the windings, and have created a region of air around the transformer. I also have length-based assigned mesh operations for the primary and secondary windings, with the max length set at 11mm. My coil terminals and excitations can also be seen in images below. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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