when Opening the Workbench I receive this message, does this means that my license expired?


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    It looks like your license specification file may have some bad text. Can you try editing your C:\Program Files\Ansys Inv\Shared Files\Licensing\ansyslmd.ini file to have entries that match this?





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    Thank you for this, and I have checked the C:\Program Files\Ansys Inv\Shared Files\Licensing\ansyslmd.ini file and it already have the same entries as:



    But another Point that is bothering me is when viewing the Computer manager, it doesn't show ANSYS services:



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    Does the error still have those strange characters or is it cleared up? If the characters are still weird, can you delete the ansyslmd.ini file? Then open up the Client ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility ( run as admin ) and Specify a License Machine Server. Type in the same server information and the utility will create another one. We want to see if the strange characters reappear.

    Also can you check your environment variables too? You might have one called ANSYSLMD_LICENSE_FILE, if you do, delete this and add it gain.

    Also the services should only be present for the license manager. Is that the same machine?

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    Hi Yahya,

    The ANSYS License manager service would appear only when you have the ANSYS License manager installed on your machine.

    This might not be required in your scenario since you are pointing to a central license server: license.mines.edu

    Please check the encoding of the ansyslmd.ini file - if it's set to ANSI

    Alternatively, you can also use this environment variable to point to the ANSYS Licenses: Under Windows search, type system environment and select Edit system environment variables , then click on Environment variables -> Under system variables, click New


    Variable Value: 1055@license.mines.edu

    Click OK

    Also, please check your VPN connection if it's good to reach the network where the license server resides.

    Thank you.


    Divya Shree

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