Is there anyone who simulate IH cooktop coil in Maxwell?

I want to get resistance and inductance of IH cooktop coil.

I can get the resistance and inductance when there is only IH coil.

When a induction pot is on the coil, I cannot get the result.

The material properties of the induction pot are as follows:

-Relative Permittivity : 1

-Relative Permeability : 600

-Bulk Conductivity : 1666667

-Dielectric Loss Tangent : 0

-Magnetic Loss Tangent : 0

-Core Loss Model : None

Energy error (%) does not converge.

Applying a fine mesh to the induction pot changes the total Energy (J) a lot.

How can I get the precise result and energy error converge?

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  • icellb1icellb1 Forum Coordinator

    Hi, @HG_Kwak ,

    By saying "I cannot get the result", do you mean you cannot get R and L at all, or you cannot get the same R and L as the case without induction pot? Thanks.

  • HI, @icellb1 ,

    If I set the percent error to 5% I get R and L, but if I set the percent error to 1% the energy error does not converge.

    The energy error(%) comes out like this 300 -> 100 -> 60 -> 30 -> 20 -> 10 -> 5 -> 4 -> 3 -> 4 -> 5 -> Out of memory..

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