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I am simulating structural analysis in an HPCC cluster.

I am creating input file, the input file is taken into cluster( linux) and with the help of batch script i am simulating using ANSYS MAPDL

the batch file is as follows

#!/bin/bash -login

#PBS -N 20200420_Static01

#PBS -M [email protected]

#PBS -m bae

#PBS -j oe

#PBS -l nodes=1:ppn=10

#PBS -l mem=100gb

#PBS -l walltime=10:00:00

# workdirectory


# module

module purge

module load ANSYS/2019.3

# hosts list

HOSTS=$(uniq -c ${PBS_NODEFILE}| awk '{print $2":"$1}'| paste -s -d ':')

echo $HOSTS

# start program for distributed memory run 

ansys195 -dis -mpi ibmmpi -machines $HOSTS -j "file" -s read -l en-us -b -i ./input.inp -o ./output.out

however i am receving many rst files like file1.rst to file9.rst

Is this rst files are due to number of substeps but iam not getting file.rst.

Is file.rst is the combnation of all the timesteps in the solution?

When i am reading individual file1.rst files. i am not getting the appropriate result.

please help me,




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