Rigid Geometry did not transfer from Eigenvalue Buckling

Hi, I'm trying to simulate the box compression test of a corrugated cardboard box. I am using ACP to set up the layers of the corrugated cardboard and after trying many different ways of applying the boundary conditions I have finally made some progress by making the top and bottom platens rigid solids and applying the BCs to different surfaces. The geometry shown below is a quarter of the box.

I now want to use a perturbation of the first mode of the eigenvalue buckling for my non-linear static analysis to mimic the compression test, however when I link the solution of the eigenvalue buckling to the model for the Static analysis I no longer have either of the platens in the geometry

Do you have any thoughts as to why this would happen and how I can remedy it?

I need the platens because I have already found that applying BCs directly to the box doesn't give me the solutions that I want (when I can get them to converge!) as I need to be able to apply a friction coefficient between the platens and the box surfaces both top and bottom.


  • gnagappgnagapp Forum Coordinator

    Use a separate Mechanical Model for the Top and bottom platens and assemble the mesh.

    Instead of making the platens rigid, keep it as flexible body and use a high young's modulus. This way the flexible body mesh can be transferred from "Mechanical Model" system to the "static structural" system

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