How to import .itf file into HFSS (Ansys)

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Hi everyone,

I am currently working on a 3D HFSS simulation for a design on GlobalFoundries' technology. To build the 3D model, I need the thickness, material type&properties (like ε) of each metal, dielectric layer and also the passivation layer on the top. I have requested the .amat file from GF, but they said Ansys HFSS is not supported by GF. However, They suggest that I can use the ITF (.itf) file which is for EM simulation in cadence virtuoso.

I opened the .itf file in text and saw the layer properties. But I am not sure whether this .itf file is compatible with HFSS and I don't know how to import this file into the material library of HFSS. Can someone please give me some instructions on how to import this .itl file? Do I need first to convert it into .amat file? If so, how to convert it?

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    Hi there is no option to import .itf file to HFSS. If you want to add material manually to your current design.

    You can add, remove, and edit materials in two main ways:

    1. Using the Tools > Edit Libraries > Materials menu command.

    2. Under Definitions in the Project Manager, right-click Materials and select Edit Library.

    if you edit an existing material, the edited version becomes a Project material and exists only within the current project. To make a new or modified

    material available for other projects, you must export it to a user library and choose that library (or select Show all libraries) within the Select Definition dialog box.

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    Hi VivekK,

    Thanks for your help. I have one more question: can I convert the .itf into .amat file? Are there some similarities between these two types of files?

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    Hi @mdi002,

    You can not convert .itf to. amat file. these files do have similarities as they contains the material information, .amat file contains material properties such as magnetic properties, conductivity, permittivity etc. but .itf file contains material thickness information as well.



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