error in using the TREAD command


I am trying to apply a sinusoidal voltage on a surface (name of the surface is "pos") of a piezoelectric layer. I create a table (2 columns: time vs voltage) in excel and I save it as CSV file. Then I found an example ( on the use of TREAD command in oder to read csv file in ansys mechanical.

to_skip=0      ! enter number of lines to skip--NONE in this example





*DIM,mytable,TABLE,to_read                ! table array to hold data


! Apply time varying voltage


I adapt this script to my purpose: "data_example" is substituted with my file's name and I want that the first line of the table is skipped so I write "to_skip=1". I get an error "TREAD cannot read the csv file". But I don't know where the error is. Any help?

(I am using ansys 19.1, and this is a transient structural analysis)


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