Thermoelastic Simulation Setup using BEAM188 Elements.


I am performing a thermo-elastic analysis on a structure i.e. two parts (PCB and a Plate) connected by 4 bolts, which are modeled as beams (washer surface to contact surface). One FE modeling check I have to perform is to apply a delta-T of 100 C, while making sure all parts have the same material CTE defined (i.e. 10 ppm), including my Beam188 elements, which I have done. Deformable Remote Displacement is defined on one of the surfaces as the boundary condition for the structural analysis. The stresses from this simulation must be very low under 1000 Pa to pass model suitabiliy check.

When 4 beams are defined I pass this suitability check, but as soon as I add any sort of contact which I will need in my future simulations for my thermal interfaces (Bonded,No Separation, Friction) between two parts, I get residual stresses up to 20-400 MPa near the beam connection area.

I have tried a lot of different combinations for the contact. The reason for using beams is that I need to extract axial and shear forces on the screws/bolts. Am I setting up something incorrectly?

Thank you in advance for your support!


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