RC wall (Solid65 and Link180)

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I am trying to model RC wall panel that is subjected to eccentric monotonic loading at the top of the wall as shown in the figure. I am using Solid65 with TB.CONC. material model. I have assigned the modulus of elasticity, poisson's ratio, multilinear isotropic hardening for the stress-strain curve using Hognestad model. Link180 for steel with elastic-perfectly plastic material model. solid185 for the steel plates. The wall is acting in two way (ie; the sides are restrained).

I have no problem with convergence. However, I am not getting any way close to the experimental results. The model is stiff as compared to the experiment. I already tried to play with the lateral restrains but still no way near the experiment.

I need help overcoming the stiffness issue. Thank you in advance.



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    There's no general explanation for why a nonlinear model doesn't match test results. Perhaps the idealized boundary conditions don't match the actual test fixture or the nonlinear material property for the concrete is not close enough.

  • Thanks @dlooman for the response.

    I do understand that my question is a bit general. However, I followed the experiment in terms of materials data and boundary conditions. I also do know that nonlinear FEA is an idealization of any lab test specially when it comes to boundary conditions and material models. I was thinking that the method I am following might have some drawbacks that are not mentioned in the manual and may be some experts have much more thorough understanding of these drawbacks. I also have seen a paper that modeled the same experiment and got the results validated. Therefore, I followed the same exact way along with all the data they assigned. I never got near the results they have which are very close to the actual test. Thanks again

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