HFSS 2020R1 frequency sweep got big problems

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In frequency domain simulations, after a quick sweep you usually add a few frequency points of interest for additional simulation. It is important, because simulation on every frequency can take days.

And it was working in older versions of HFSS/EDT smoothly.

But in EDT 2020R1 all the simulated data is lost whenever I add just one point, without changing others.


  • Seems the problem was damaged list of previous points, when I added a new one. Some bugs are hiding there, in the new sweep UI.

  • rtkrtk Pune, IndiaForum Coordinator

    Hi @AndyJP,

    Usually, if you are using Interpolating sweep, addition of extra points after simulation won't take off your already existing results. That property is there for new versions as well, including 2020R1. (Provided - You should be adding extra points in the same range or in lesser range than before.)

    But, for Discrete sweep that adding extra points within the range seeks re-simulation.

    Hope this addressed your concern! Please let me know if the problem was different from what I stated.

    Best Regards,,

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    It's hard to explain because I was not tracking it when it happened:

    there was probably a bug, when I added and rearranged a line. Its contents (or order?) changed in unexpected way, and I didn't see it. So I filled the range in what I thought was a target line. But what I did was overwriting the original line with simulated points. And the data disappeared.

    So sorry, it is not like the data disappears itself. It is that I should take more care when editing before I get what's wrong with the table exactly.

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