Battery Single Potential Model


I am trying to simulate a battery cell using a single potential model. i created my geometry , and meshed it but i am not getting the named selections I want inside the model .

I have a complete tutorial case including the mesh.gz, dat.gz, and ( but no geometry).

attached photo showing what i am trying to say ; electrolyte a and electrolyte a-shadow it is highlighted in the photo , for me , they r showing in the boundary condition and cell zone but not in the battery model

Photo below is my work

Thank you for your help


  • hi ,

    i hope someone looked at my post , and understand my question.

    To make it easier , if i have many layers with different materials , repeatedly ( anode-electrolyte-cathode-anode-electrolyte -cathode,.......), and i want to get the electrolyte and electrolyte shadow, how can i do that?? I did the meshing , am getting electrolyte in fluent but could not get the electrolyte shadow in the battery model

    In the pic below , it shows the electrolyte does exist in the solid cell zone( when i change it from fluid to solid), and the electrolyte shadow was shown in the console that was created but did not appear in the battery model

  • Hi Maher,

    Thanks for all the details.

    Yes, I have looked at second last post and was trying to reproduce the issue, which I could not.

    However, your second post did give me a potential reason for this issue. Can you please try to reload the battery module, i.e. /define/models/ am 7.

    Let me know if this helps.

    Best regards,


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