Bistatic RCS

I am computing bistatic RCS of a conducting plate. The monostatic RCS results seem ok, but the bistatic give values that are not reasonable. I expect the backward scattering is larger than the forward when the incident beam is normal to the surface.


  • mannymanny Posts: 30Forum Coordinator

    Thanks for your question. Could you please provide a screenshot of your geometry and set ups? Please embed them into the post rather than using attachments.

  • csl2019csl2019 Posts: 3Member

    The attached below is the monostatic and bistatic RCS of a conducting plate, where the RCS of forward scattering is the same as backscattered where the incident beam is normal to the plate surface. I expect the forward RCS is much smaller than the backward. Something is not right here. I will be happy to send you the input file if needed.

  • csl2019csl2019 Posts: 3Member

    Here are the snapshots of the geometry and setops for the RCS data sent on October 21:

    The RCS results are as follows:

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