How do I mesh this tube/body properly?

Hey everyone, I tried severel methods using edge sizing and face meshing, but the mesh won't fit. Could someone please help me? I don't get the issue...

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  • Hi @gnagapp , thank you for your answer. This was really helpful and defenitely a step forward.

    I'm doing a CZM Delamination on these two bodies. Sweep Method makes a stable mesh and shared topology connects the two meshs of the two bodies.

    But I can't choose the other Geometry for Delamnination using shared topology, it's not possible to select source and target, only the lower body...

    How can I connect the mesh and still select both faces on the contact?

  • Hi @gnagapp , I have to use O-Grid divisions when both bodies are selected, so nevermind, silly question... Thank you for your help!

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