Solar Selective Coating (SSC) Modelling

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Dear experts,

I need to model a phenomenon of solar selective absorption coating on a tubular surface in solar thermal collector.

The coating selectively absorbs the solar radiation in visible and near IR range (0.3 to 3 micrometer) and suppress long wavelength radiation ( 3 to 100 micrometer). Based on Kirchoff's law, emissivity=absorptivity for the opaque surfaces emitting diffusely. So in Fluent I assigned bandwidth dependent emissivity but in this case of SSC, for the same tubular surface I need to assign absorptivity as 0.9 but emissivity as 0.1.

Could anybody please let me know how to model it in Fluent? I am using Monte Carlo radiation model with solar load.

Kind Regards,

Gaurav Nanajkar


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