Academic License Installation Issue

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My university (LTU) has installed the Ansys 2020R2 (Research). During the installation the option to configure my interfaces (No geometry interface license is detected. Please see attached screenshot) That is grayed out. Because of it being grayed out they chose No skip and I will configure later.

When we go into the Client ANSLIC_Admin Utility and click tools to configure we get permissions error.

My university do not understand why this is happening on my machine. Can anyone from the technical team point us in the right direction? When the university checked the license file they said that everything is pointing to the correct license server. Moreover, they have contacted their license manager and he asked us to post a question in this forum.

I would really appreciate any support we can get to resolve this matter.

P.S. Please refer to the attached screenshots. Also one another issue is that some of the important system components are missing (despite the fact that they are available in the toolbox customization).

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