How to get missing dll files??

ConDoHasConDoHas Member Posts: 3
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I have attempted re-downloading ansys student 2020 multiple multiple times. I have tried with administrator and turned off firewall but still have missing dll files. Current threads ask about different dll files than mine. I am missing: AnsGPU.dll AnsMPI.dll libifcoremd.dll libmm.dll and probably more.

I have attempted changing dowload locations and all sort of things. More frustratingly I re downloaded again recently and it worked perfectly! But once i tried to reopen again the next time it said I had missing dll files. I have browsed the support forum for a long time and found nothing close to my issue. Ansys also fails to create a desktop shortcut and so I have to navigate through folders to the exe locations. Any help would be appreciated, I heavily rely on the software for uni related work


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