Saving intermediate files using System Coupling with RSM

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I have a running FSI model with restart files saved at certain frequency using System Coupling GUI on my local machine.

I want to use my FSI model on RSM but RSM throws error at the time when restart files are written out. I am not getting the real cause.

When I am not writing any intermediate/restart files, my FSI model on RSM is running perfectly fine and it writes out final result at the end of simulation. I checked even standalone mechanical and standalone fluid solver (CFX/Fluent) and they do write intermediate files on RSM.

I am wondering what could be the possible reasons.

Your help will be appreciated.



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    Below are messages on RSM job history.

    I am seeing a warning message.

    " | Warnings were found during data model validation. Participant Transient Structural (CouplingParticipant:Solution 1) has the  ExecutionControl 'Option' set to 'ExternallyManaged'. System Coupling  will not control the startup/shutdown behavior of this participant.  Participant CFX (CouplingParticipant:Solution 2) has the ExecutionControl | 'Option' set to 'ExternallyManaged'. System Coupling will not control  the startup/shutdown behavior of this participant. "

    And error message at intermediate file writing.

    Error in TcpCommunicatingSocket::recv() End of file Error in TcpCommunicatingSocket::send() Broken pipe Error in TcpCommunicatingSocket::send(). System coupling run completed successfully. Traceback (most recent call last): 1233 9/30/2020 6:14:45 PM  File "/gpfs1/apps/ansys20.1/ansys_inc/v201/SystemCoupling/PyLib/main/", line 162, in <module> 1234 9/30/2020 6:14:45 PM   _run(sys.argv)

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    Please do check the link below. Please note that certain participants do not allow for restarts when using SC, for example Steady State thermal in Mechanical.

    If you have one of this participants, then it might be an issue.

    Can you also test this without RSM? May be on a smaller case on your local system.



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